Hello and welcome to my site. I am a German/Mexican dark artist based in Berlin. Here you will find a collection of my surreal works ranging from street art, painting and illustration, to film and photography. To receive updates on exciting news, upcoming exhibitions and new projects, please sign up for my email list below. Hope you enjoy!


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Kutna Hora Special Edition Box Set


A collection of 85 surreal handmade prints depict Kutna Hora’s Gothic and Medieval architectural treasures.
“Cemetery Whispers” is a photographic exploration of the New Public Cemetery in Budapest, Hungary documenting its beauty through photomontages and close-ups of insignificant details otherwise overlooked. Macro scenes of dead branches and broken glass amplify their meaning in the context of their environment where faux bouquets live forever but people pass away.
Gary’s abandoned buildings have become part of the urban landscape as monuments to a golden era of the once booming industrialization of the Midwest. The series of photographs of the Public Schools Memorial Auditorium, U.S. Post Office, City United Methodist Church and its Seaman Hall, share a glimpse into their desolate halls and vivid history.


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Talissa Mehringer is a German/Mexican multimedia artist currently based in Berlin. Daughter of anthropologists, she was fortunate to travel extensively as a child. At the age of six, she was initiated into the Canela tribe of Brazil during a village ceremony surrounded by the lush green of the Amazon. Later her family would move to Tanzania where she was allowed to witness and participate in ceremonial festivities of the Maasai people. The beautiful sound of their singing and terracotta-red dyed fabrics, colorful beaded jewelry and elaborate hairstyles were incredibly inspiring to her young mind. These early life experiences ignited a deep passion for adventure, history and quest for knowledge. The surreal + theatrical style which has become her trademark was developed while studying film and media arts in New York. Her photography work is cinematic in that the pages of her books unfold frame by frame weaving visual narratives through phantasmagoric spaces and environments. Her work has been exhibited at festivals + galleries internationally across the U.S. and Europe.